How 2 Chainz Met Ariana Grande to Work on the “7 Rings” Remix

2 Chainz talked about collaborating with Ariana Grande ahead of the release of 'Rap or Go to the League.'

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2 Chainz explained how he ended up on the remix of Ariana Grande's swagger jacked smorgasbord "7 Rings." In an new interview with Genius' Rob Markman, the rapper walked through how the pair squashed their beef over the song's video to work on a remix

Chainz began by talking about how he felt after seeing his all-pink trap house repurposed for the Thank U, Next track. 

"I want to say it didn't bother me, but once again, you don't want to get caught up into that, man, you're petty. You know what I'm saying? Because I've thought that somebody has taken a little something out of my DNA before, and I haven't said anything because I don't want anybody... It's supposed to be... what is it? Flattering, or whatever it's supposed to be," he said. 

Chainz had a connection to Grande's manager and he used that to reach out. 

"They set it up so we could actually meet and talk face to face," he explained. "I think that kind of changed everything because I started getting what was going on, having a clear understanding of what was going on. She was more or less saying that, 'Well, yeah, I thought people knew I took it from you.' And I said, 'Well, how would people know that?'" 

Chainz said that Grande wrote a song for him and then they worked on the remix, adding that he was impressed by Grande's voice in person. He also pointed out that he couldn't hold a grudge against Grande, because feuding with a pop star doesn't do anything for his career. 

"What kinda points do I get off snapping on Ariana Grande or dissing her? I don't get anything off that," he said. "Imagine me going through, what are some of the groups now? I can't do it. It won't work for me like that."

In other 2 Chainz collab news, LeBron James shared a snippet of the rapper's upcoming album Rap or Go to the League. James served as A&R on the album, so he had his pick of tracks, airing a Kendrick Lamar collab on social media.


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