2 Chainz has tapped the talents of NBA icon and Lakers All-Star LeBron James to A&R his new album, Rap Or Go to the League, which is set to drop on March 1.

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, it was announced that Def Jam has partnered with King James to help curate 2 Chainz's highly anticipated fifth studio album. Although the news came as a surprise, when brought to the light this seems like a perfect fit. As known, Chainz has a deep love for basketball. He even played the sport at a colligate level at Alabama State University.

In addition, LeBron has always been a respected fan of hip-hop and is becoming a growing voice in the world of music media. Because of this, an album titled Rap Or Go to the League serves as the perfect medium for these two figures to express their dual interests.

Like LeBron, Chainz pays acute attention to detail, making him one of the G.O.A.T.s of his profession. Could he be crowned the Best Rapper Alive for 2019? Only time will tell. But with recent releases like “Bigger Than You,”  “Hot Wings,” and “Girl’s Best Friend,” he’s definitely putting the game on notice.

The meeting of these two personalities has the potential for a legendary project, adding more hype to Rap Or Go to the League.