Watch Drake Gift Chanel Bag to Lucky Fan During Concert: 'It's Your Birthday' (UPDATE)

The rapper proved once again that he really does "give Chanel out like a hug" in Los Angeles.

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UPDATED 8/25, 9:50 p.m. ET: The woman, who received a Chanel bag as a gift from Drake during the rapper's recent stop at the Arena on his It's All A Blur tour, has shared details about how the moment went down on TikTok.

The woman, Priscela Izquierdo, titled the video where she reveals the bag and sign she used to get noticed by the rapper as "Drake Gave Me a Chanel Bag on My Birthday," in which she explains the moment she received the bag from Drizzy during his Los Angeles show.

Izquierdo explained that she thought it would be fun to create a sign declaring it was her birthday. She believed it would be a long shot for Drake to notice her sign or even be able to acknowledge her amidst the busyness of the show. However, against the odds, the Toronto star spotted the birthday girl's sign and approached her.

"He read it, and we made eye contact. And he said, 'happy birthday.' And then, he was trying to kill me and gave me a Chanel bag," she said jokingly. After showing off the Chanel purse, she thanked Drake.

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Drake has been fielding all kinds of objects at recent stops of his It's All a Blur Tour ranging from bras and books. But the rapper once again returned the favor to one lucky fan at his last L.A. stop at the Arena (Aug. 22).

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"It's your birthday? Happy birthday!" said the rapper in a clip as he hunched over toward a fan in the crowd before he suddenly cut the music. "Before I hand her the bag, we gotta play the song that goes with the bag," he said as the intro for his song "Child's Play" began, which features the infamous lyric "I give Chanel out like a hug."

TikTok user Priscela Izquierdo was evidently the person who received the bag, and she was filming when it happened. Here’s her post:

This isn't the first time Drake has been generous toward his fans lately. Last week (Aug. 16), he gave away a pink Birkin bag at his show in Inglewood. "Make sure she has security on the way out too so nobody robs her," Drake joked. On Saturday (Aug. 19), the For All the Dogs rapper surprised fans in San Francisco who were waiting outside of the venue for pit wristbands.

Drake's It's All A Blur Tour will continue to visit major cities including Las Vegas, Houston, Miami, and Toronto before wrapping up in Columbus, Ohio on Oct. 7.

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