Toronto's Moula 1st Drops "Seeing Red" After Drake Seemingly Addresses Him in "Seeing Green"

The rising Toronto rapper released a remix of "Seeing Green," Drake's track with Nicki Minaj, after Drizzy seemingly addressed him in the song.

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Nicki Minaj released her reissued mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty last Friday, including a new track called “Seeing Green” featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. Naturally, hip-hop heads were excited to hear the song, but a few lines from Drake’s verse got Toronto rap fans especially worked up: “You niggas think you doin’ damage, you just hypin’ me up/Face who? I could see a wall of y’all, all of y’all and run straight through/Trust, it’s all fun and games until I wanna play too.”

Fans on social media ran wild with speculation that Drake’s “Face who?” line was a reference to rising Toronto rapper Moula 1st, whose catchphrase is “You can’t face me.” The MC from the city’s Rexdale neighbourhood has been trying to get The Boy’s attention for a while, dropping combative remixes of his songs—there was his bristly take on “War” last year, and most recently, his rendition of Scary Hours 2track “Wants & Needs,” which he retitled, “You Can’t Face Me Hours.”

Less than 24 hours after “Seeing Green” dropped, Moula returned with a remix of the track, “Seeing Red.” Over the same Tizzy Track-helmed beat as the original, the MC goes in on Drake with arsenic-dipped bars like: “Bird-ass nigga face who?/Nigga I’m 23, first strap you ever held you was like 33/Thought you would’ve learned by now, to some degree/Hire anyone I’ll fire shots at your company.”

Evidently, Drake took notice. He threw a like to Moula’s Instagram post about the song

Drake likes Moula 1st's "Seeing Red"

Moula has been featured on OVO Sound Radio several times and appeared in an OVO Roots commercial with Noah “40” Shebib a few years ago, leading some to surmise that this may just be a bit of friendly competition more than anything else.

Regardless, whether Drizzy was actually taking a shot at the rising MC in “Seeing Green” is anyone’s guess, but one thing’s for sure: Moula’s got his attention now.

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