Offset's Alleged Mistress Recorded a Track About Him

It's been a hectic week for Offset and Cardi.

Offset cheating song

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Offset cheating song

It's been a hectic week for Cardi B and Offset. And to top it all off, Offset's alleged mistress, a woman named Summer Bunni, has released a heavily Auto-Tuned song about the cheating scandal. Before you ask—yes, it's as bad as it sounds. 

The former friend of Cuban Doll, and woman now at the center of the Cardi/Offset breakup news, evidently wrote a song called "Don't Matter" following their supposed affair earlier this year. It was obtained by the Blast, and is now being shared with the world. "I just wanted to write about how I felt at the time," Bunni told the outlet. "I really thought he and I were for real." 

This move should certainly raise a few eyebrows, but first let's back up a few steps.

On Tuesday night, Cardi B announced her breakup with the Migos member. The next day, screenshots of Offset trying to organize a threesome with Summer Bunni and rapper Cuban Doll circulated the web. Doll has denied the allegations multiple times now, and claims Bunni is milking the entire situation for attention. "It's all based off her trying to get clout. It's a bunch of clout chasing stuff," she said. "Me and her have been fell out. We're no longer friends." 

Doll and Cardi have reportedly talked about the incident, and the 20-year-old rapper said Cardi "knows I have nothing to do with that." 

Meanwhile, Summer Bunni went on IG to post an apology, and later cried in a video interview about the affair. She claimed she didn’t know "how serious his marriage was," and that it ended before Offset and Cardi's daughter Kulture was born in July. Now she's sharing her "Don't Matter," so it seems like Cuban Doll might be right about the clout chasing. 

In the song, Bunni opens up about her feelings following her relationship with Offset. "I hope you play this shit when you all alone/So you can think about why I’m really gone/Fuck the gossip, fuck the tea/I’m the one that you really need," she sings. You can listen to the song here—if you really want to.

Outside of the scandal and the breakup, Cardi is busy handling other pressing matters. On Friday morning, as news broke that she'd been nominated for five Grammys, Cardi headed to court in her rainbow wig to deal with her current alleged assault case.

She missed her original court date last week, while shooting a music video with City Girls' Yung Miami. On Friday the judge decided to give her a slap on the wrist, and Cardi was released without bail. The legal troubles stem from claims that Cardi ordered her crew to assault two sisters, one of whom might have also had an affair with Offset. The rapper turned herself into the NYPD back in October. 

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