Cuban Doll Talked to Cardi B About Offset Cheating Rumors: 'She Knows I Have Nothing to Do With That'

The 20-year-old Texas rapper says she never met or talked to Offset, and claims the rumors are being orchestrated by her former friend.

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Cuban Doll says she's talked to Cardi B about the current cheating scandal involving Offset, and the two rappers have cleared the air. "Cardi hit me up," the 20-year-old Texas rapper told TMZ. "She knows I have nothing to do with that." 

The rumor centers on a proposed threesome with Offset, Cuban Doll, and her former friend Summer Bunni. But Doll says she never even spoke to the Migos rapper. "I don't know him. I never spoke to him. I never had no conversation with him," she said. "I'm just caught in the middle." 

Doll denied the rumors yesterday in a short tweet writing, "I never went to new or lean leave me alone !" She clarified with TMZ that she believe the entire situation is a ploy for attention. "It's all based off her trying to get clout. It's a bunch of clout chasing stuff," she said. "Me and her have been fell out. We're no longer friends." 

She claims she never even knew about the texts that circulated on the internet shortly after Cardi B announced her breakup with Offset. "I never texted him. I never accepted no type of agreements with him," she said. "I never knew about the texts since they got exposed." 

Cardi has since deleted her Instagram video announcing her split with Offset. The new cheating rumor is allegedly what pushed the "Bodak Yellow" rapper to get a divorce. Even if Cuban Doll never met up with Set, him trying to set up the threesome might have been enough for Cardi to end things, especially considering his past cheating scandals. He also denied the hookup. 

Summer Bunni posted an apology on Instagram and an emotional video about the affair, where she claimed she didn’t know "how serious his marriage was.” If what Cuban is saying is true, then that could all be a grab for attention—and it's working. 

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