Offset's Alleged Mistress Claims Cardi B Is Blocking Her Tell-All Interview

The woman, who goes by Summer Bunni, also retracted her previous apology to Cardi.

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This love song was unfortunately not the last we would hear from Offset's alleged mistress Summer Bunni. The 20-something-year-old from Dallas, Texas recorded a tell-all interview with Power 106. Why haven't we heard it? Well, allegedly Cardi B is blocking it from airing. 

We know this thanks to Bunni's Instagram Live story, captured and posted by @amadisworld_ on YouTube. You can watch that video linked above. For about 10 minutes, she talks about how "people" don't want the truth to come out, saying that all the questions anyone might have about her alleged affair with Offset are in the Power 106 interview. 

The whole interview thing is legit. There's a clip from it where Bunni takes back her apology to Cardi B. “I just want to set the record straight about the apology video. At this time, I really just take the apology back," she said. "It sucks...It’s not fair to me. I just feel like the whole world is against me. I’m so strong. I’m so sorry I’m breaking down."

Previously Bunni shared an emotional apology to Cardi, saying she didn't know "how serious his marriage was" and that she and Offset hadn't hooked up since Kulture was born in July. Cuban Doll, the rapper roped into this mess, claims Bunni is doing this whole thing for attention. "It's all based off her trying to get clout. It's a bunch of clout chasing stuff," she told TMZ. "Me and her have been fell out. We're no longer friends." 

Something clearly transpired since then. Bunni is not only retracting her apology, but shading Cardi on Instagram for everyone to see. 

There's no way to know if Cardi is blocking that interview from coming out, but if she is, that's her prerogative. She's already been embarrassed by Offset interrupting her on stage at Rolling Loud, after cheating on her numerous times and trying to set up the threesome with Bunni and Cuban Doll. Cardi is likely just waiting for Summer Bunni's 15 minutes to run out. 

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