Video of Fall Out Boy Crowd Booing Opener MGK for Dissing Eminem May Have Been Edited (UPDATED)

Who is winning in the Eminem vs. MGK beef?

UPDATED 9/19/18 10:05 a.m. ET: Not so fast, negativity lovers. Footage of the MGK moment in question now appears to have been heavily doctored to include the boos and whatnot. Was this a bizarre smear campaign against Fall Out Boy fans? Can anything be believed anymore? Stay tuned, as the MGK and Eminem back-and-forth likely still has some gas left in the tank.

See below for original story published on 9/18/18.

It’s debatable who is winning in the Eminem versus Machine Gun Kelly beef these days. Some sources say the whole things isn’t even real. Regardless, Marshall Mathers can certainly find some supporters in Fall Out Boy’s fan base, as a surfaced video clip shows MGK being booed during an opening performance at the band’s show.

In the video below, you can hear MGK attempting to hype up the crowd by dragging Eminem and performing his diss “Rap Devil,” which just debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Fuck Marshall Mathers,” he said opening the set, per HipHop-N-More. While there are sparse cheers from the audience, booing drowns out the audio.  

The Bad Boy Records rapper later posted an image of himself in front of the huge audience with their middle fingers up as he sports the cover art of “Killshot,” Em’s response to “Rap Devil.” According to attendees in the comments, the crowd was tricked into taking the photo to give the illusion that they are cosigning MGK.  

He apparently told the audience to take the picture with a sweatshirt on covering the shirt, then turned around and took it off. After taking the photo, MGK was reportedly booed off stage, and the Fall Out Boy show went on.

“Nice FALL OUT BOY CONCERT. How does it feel to get booed out of stage for faking the picture?” one user commented.

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