Eminem Declares He’s ‘Taking Control of My Own Twitter’ by Writing His Own Tweets

The year is 2018, and Marshall Mathers is just now hopping on Twitter.

Eminem Twitter

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Eminem Twitter

The year is 2018. Donald Trump is president. Robots walk among us. And Eminem is just now deciding to join the Twittersphere. He announced this leap forward with a deadpan tweet writing, “Everyone thinks I don’t write my own tweets but I wrote this one.”

His Twitter account currently has more than 22 million followers and has been active since 2009, but the Detroit native isn’t known for his social media presence. In fact, most of his online activity comes in the form of tour dates or slick marketing campaigns, including a fake leaked video of an affair used to promote his video for “River.” But all that is changing, according to a recent Instagram post where he declares, “I’m taking control of my own Twitter now.”

Eminem is notoriously behind when it comes to technology. In 2009, Complex realized that he didn’t even know internet porn existed. The MC also revealed that he didn’t know how to use a computer. “I don't even know how to turn a computer on and it's probably better that way,” he said in his 2009 cover story. “I look at stuff, but as far as actually sitting there and knowing how to work it and knowing what sites to go on.”

As Uproxx points out, he also expressed his anti-tech views on his song “So Far...” from 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2, rapping, “My apologies, no disrespect to technology / But what the heck is all of these buttons? / You expect me to sit here and learn that? / Fuck I gotta do to hear this new song from Luda? / Be an expert at computers?”

Lately, Eminem wastes no time going in on everyone from the NRA to Donald Trump, so perhaps his newfound embrace of technology will inspire him to make use of his Twitter fingers. 

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