Think about the worst date you’ve ever had. Now think about the worst date you’ve had, then replace said the date with an AI robot. Sounds like the movie Her? Well, Will Smith kind of went on a date with Sophia, the Hanson Robotics humanoid robot that (or is it "who"?) debuted in 2015, and it didn’t go very well.   

It wasn’t Smith who seemed uncomfortable, but instead Sophia, who is apparently impervious to the actor's charismatic Hitch charm. Smith posted a video of their artificial date to his YouTube page on Thursday. In the video, Smith attempts to make conversation with the robot, but Sophia can’t seem to get past Smith’s treatment of robots during in the film I, Robot.

"They show us I, Robot just to make sure we don't get any ideas," Sophia, who recently learned to walk, said during the date. In the film, Smith plays a cop who has to battle a group of robots after they become self-aware. "I like robots..." Smith responded, attempting to lighten the mood.

The whole date went south after Sophie told Smith that she wasn’t a fan of his music. "I have heard your songs. Not for me," she said.

Ignoring Sophia’s 62 possible facial expressions, Smith went in for an uninvited kiss. “I think we can be friends. Let's hang out and get to know each other for a little while," Sophia said, dodging the kiss. "You're on my friends list now," she added with a wink. Burn.

At the end of this fun skit, Smith gives a should out to Hanson Robotics and tells viewers a bit about Sophia. "She's a learning artificial intelligence, but she wouldn't kiss me, so there's probably some development flaws they need to work on," he said. "But, we'll meet again, Sophia."

Sigh, is this the future of dating? Probably. Watch the full skit above.