Cardi B's Rant Against Nicki Minaj Turns Into a Wave of Memes

People are turning clips of Cardi's Instagram posts from Monday night into all-purpose memes for every situation.

Cardi B video memes

Image via Getty/Dave Kotinsky

Cardi B video memes

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are two artists bursting with personality, making their year-long feud the perfect vein for internet gold.  

#NickiStoppedMyBag memes took off after Cardi accused the Queen rapper of trying to prevent her from working with other artists. Now Cardi’s 11-video rant from Monday night has been chopped up and repurposed for a variety of memes handy for any type of situation.

Most of the memes are simply, shall we say, convenient.

When your period comes on right before the dick appointment.

— tiff (@superrjoint) October 30, 2018

when straight guys see 3 in 1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash

— mikey™ (@fleetener) October 30, 2018

When a guy on Grindr is 500 feet away, can host, and is vers

— basura (@gayandold) October 30, 2018

Other memes are handy when it’s time for some information to come out into the open.

And another clip of Cardi is the perfect reaction for absolutely abhorrent situations.

Cardi has received the meme treatment in the past, most notably thanks to her infamous childhood photo of young Belcalis ready to snitch.

Regardless of whose side you're taking in the Cardi/Nicki beef, these new memes are perfect to deploy for any occasion. And Cardi agrees: 

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