Onika Tanya Maraj, better known as Nicki Minaj, is out here stopping everyone’s bag. Did it rain on your birthday? Nicki stopped your bag. Late to work? It’s likely Nicki stopped your bag. Making light of accusations against her, Nicki is fanning the flames, turning #NickiStoppedMyBag into a hilariously petty viral tag.

Nicki isn't just encouraging this foolishness by retweeting posts, she's also coming with jokes of her own—like this reference to her song "Feeling Myself" with Beyoncé

It all stems from that historic NYFW fight between Nicki and Cardi B that took place two weeks ago at a Harper’s Bazaar party. After the incident, Cardi went on Instagram to lay out her issues with Nicki, and accused the Queen rapper of trying to stop her bag (money, opportunities, etc.). 

Nicki later denied Cardi’s accusation on Queen Radio. “You knew that when that footage came out you would look dumb,” she said, referring to footage of Cardi throwing her shoe that night. “I didn’t even feel the need to defend myself that night. ...She has built her career off of sympathy and payola."

But as it turns out, Nicki may have at least prevented Future from working with Cardi. 

There’s also a new accusation from Tiffany Foxx, who told told Ts Madison that Nicki has prevented her from being nominated for awards. “Don’t be bitter and don’t be hating on other girls. I’m not saying this just because the masses is saying this. Nicki has definitely interrupted me being on red carpets,” Foxx said, per HotNewHipHop. "Times I'm supposed to be nominated—out of nowhere, it’s a problem. And it gets back to me that it’s affiliated with her."

This new hashtag seems to be a way for Nicki’s Barbs to hedge these allegations, by blaming Good Ol’ Nick for things she couldn’t possibly have a hand in...or could she? Is Nicki stopping your bag? Check out some of the posts below.