Bhad Bhabie on Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Beef: 'Cardi Wins, End of Discussion'

“Cardi is really about shit. Cardi is throwing shoes at people,” Bhad Bhabie said in a new interview when asked about the feud.

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Guys, Bhad Bhabie wants to put an end to this Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B feud once and for all. The red-headed teen has spoken, and the winner is: “Cardi wins, end of discussion,” Bhabie toldRap Up.

Bhabie became a de facto person to question when it comes to the Nicki/Cardi beef ever since she expressed to TMZ that she liked Cardi’s music more.

“I’m gonna put an end to this. I’m so tired of this,” she said, before diving into the aforementioned TMZ nonsense. “I didn’t fucking care about the TMZ bullshit, I was just talking and I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t really give a fuck, cause I don’t care, and I’ll say what I want. At the end of the day you’re not stopping my money.”

It’s worth noting Bhabie is signed to the same label as Cardi, Atlantic, but the teen provides plenty of receipts as to why she officially thinks Nicki is on the losing side of this battle.

“Nicki went after a fucking baby. What did Stormi do?” she asked, before diving into the Queen rapper going after Travis Scott and his family after losing the No. 1 Billboard spot to ASTROWORLD. “What is your problem? Leave them alone! Why are you so mad? Let him sell his fucking sweaters. And leave that baby alone. Stormi ain’t even one yet and she won her first rap beef.”

Bhabie thinks Nicki’s tomfoolery might bring the rapper’s own downfall, when instead, she should be comfortably enjoying the legacy of her long reign. “Nicki is really going to fuck herself,” she asserted. “Why is she so miserable? She’s always been on top. That’s not going to be forgotten.”

Maybe you do or maybe you don’t agree with Bhabie’s take on things, but as the teen sees it, Nicki is not about that life anymore, as evidenced by the Harper’s Bazaar incident. “Cardi is really about shit. Cardi is throwing shoes at people,” she said.

The teen recently dropped her debut mixtape 15. This week she also released a remix of her song “Gucci Flip Flops” with Snoop Dogg and Plies. Basically, she’s got better things to do than weigh in on all this drama.

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