6ix9ine Reportedly Hires Sisters Suing Cardi B for Assault

6ix9ine recruited Jade and Baddie Gi to star in his latest music video with Kanye and Nicki Minaj. The women are suing Cardi over an alleged strip club attack.

6ix9ine is making friends with his enemy’s enemies.  

Before the Nicki Minaj/Cardi beef exploded, he aligned himself with his “FeFe” collaborator and established his loyalty to Nicki. That loyalty, combined with his love of trolling, likely motivated his latest shady stunt. Per TMZ, 6ix9ine hired the two women preparing to sue Cardi B for an alleged assault to star in his new music video with Nicki and Kanye

On Oct. 1, Cardi created an iconic fashion *moment* while turning herself into the NYPD over the alleged misdemeanor assault charges looking like Marilyn Monroe.

The charges stem from an attack at the Angels Strip Club, where Migos were performing. Cardi allegedly ordered an attack on two bartenders, sisters who go by Jade and Baddie Gi, after accusing Jade of sleeping with her husband Offset. Both women were hurt.

In mid August, Jade claimed five people in the rapper’s crew “viciously attacked her, grabbing her hair, punching her, and hitting her with an ashtray,” while she was working. The sisters also allege a second attack took place later that month, on Aug. 29, where Cardi’s people attacked them “throwing bottles and chairs at them causing serious injuries that required medical attention.”

The two sisters are planning to sue Cardi for the attacks with the help of famed lawyer Joe Tacopina.

In the meantime, 6ix9ine flew the women out to Beverly Hills to star in his video shoot with Nicki and Ye. It’s unclear if Minaj had any hand in the decision making, but she clearly went along with the ordeal, which could mean trouble for her and Cardi’s current ceasefire.

This is the same video shoot where gunfire erupted outside.

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