According to a report from TMZ, two women who work as bartenders at a Queens strip club are accusing Cardi B of ordering two physical attacks on them.

These altercations followed growing tensions between Cardi and the two sisters, who go by Jade and Baddie G. They are alleging that Cardi first threatened them months ago after accusing Jade of sleeping with her husband Offset. Jade says she denied the accusation a number of times, but that Belcalis continued to threaten her when they met face-to-face in Atlanta.

On Aug. 15, Jade was allegedly warned that Cardi targeted her for a beatdown, and that night she claims five people in the rapper’s crew “viciously attacked her, grabbing her hair, punching her, and hitting her with an ashtray,” while she was working at Angel's Strip Club.

On Wednesday, Aug. 29, the sisters once again encountered Cardi B at the strip club, where her crew attacked them “throwing bottles and chairs at them causing serious injuries that required medical attention.”

Though Cardi did not lay a finger on either of the sisters, they claim she threw at least one bottle at them during the incident and yelled "I'm blood I'll fuck you bitches up!"

They are now planning to go to police and trigger a formal investigation after hiring big name lawyer Joe Tacopina, who currently represents Meek Mill. He told TMZ both of his clients will be filing police reports that name Cardi as a defendant.

Complex has reached out to Cardi B's team for comment.