Cardi B Says She Will Body Your Favorite Rapper's Flow

Cardi B responds to the critics.

Cardi B had some words for critics saying she has achieved her success by biting Kodak Black's flow.

"And for anybody that telling me...'oh bitch you copied Kodak flow, you copied this and that flow'... So what bitch? So what? I'ma sound like all your favorite rappers. I'ma take all they flows and I'ma body it bitch. One day I'ma sound like Kodak, the next day I'm a sound like Meek Mill, the next day I'ma sound like Migos. I don't give a fuck," Cardi said at a recent performance to applause. 

The rapper also promised that the freestyle she has been teasing to release in celebration of the success of "Bodak Yellow" will be out on her birthday, which is Oct. 11. 

Cardi B's hit song "Bodak Yellow," which currently sits at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, was, let's say inspired, by Kodak Black's track "No Flockin." Although Cardi's song has a different beat (produced by J White), the Bronx-born rapper does utilize the same flow Kodak does on "No Flockin." Oh, and if you didn't notice the name of the song, yeah, so, a pretty obvious shout out to Kodak. 

Kodak Black himself seems to be absolutely cool with Cardi B and her using his cadence for her smash hit "Bodak Yellow" as he has said he is getting some money off the track. The Florida rapper even recently hopped on a remix of the song. "You know why I fuck with Cardi B? Because they be thinkin’ both of us crazy and shit," Kodak says at the top of the remix.

Cardi is set to release her new album later this month.

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