50 Cent appears to be reigniting his feud with Power executive producer Randall Emmett. 

50 shared a photo from a TMZ story about Emmett’s ex-fiancée Lala Kent showing up “multiple times” on the set of the mogul’s upcoming horror film Skill House.

“Randell [sic] you better stop texting people talking shit because i get nervous, and you know how i get when i get nervous,” he wrote in the caption. 

Back in 2019, Kent was roped into the dispute between Emmett and 50 Cent when he posted a clip from her appearance on the show Vanderpump Rules where she told someone that her then-fiancé bought her a Range Rover the day after they had sex for the first time. 

Kent responded to 50 posting the video, but never really publicly engaged with her because his real issue was with Emmett, who allegedly owed a majority of the $1 million that the rapper loaned him. 50 claimed at the time that Emmett sent him $250,000 on Friday, and was giving him until Monday to hand over the remaining $750K. 

50 Cent eventually got his money and everything died down…until last month, when the mogul weighed in on Emmett’s sexual misconduct accusations. The Los Angeles Times reported that an actress claimed she worked with Emmett on several projects over the span of three years, and in that time, he would request sexual favors in exchange for acting jobs. 

A rep for Emmett denied the allegations, claiming it was all part of a smear campaign orchestrated by Kent.