Anuel AA and Ozuna have dropped off their first collaborative album, Los Dioses.

Prior to the release of the 12-song project, the pair debuted the song “Municiones” and the title track, and their respective music videos on Thursday. They also released the single and video for “Antes” alongside the album’s arrival. The two Latin artists have collaborated on a number of songs in the past, like “Adicto,” “China,” “Cambio,” “BEBE,” “La Ocasión” and more. 

“I’m happy that Los Dioses is finally hitting the street,” Ozuna said in a statement. “This is an album that we had wanted to do for years, but our prior commitments had never allowed us the time. I greatly enjoyed the process and the experience of crafting this project with Anuel AA. As you all know, he’s not just a colleague to me—he’s like a brother. I also thank the team members who worked on this record, which we hope our respective fans will enjoy.”

“This album is important for both me and Ozuna,” Anuel added. “We’ve been speaking about this project since 2015 and we haven’t had time to work on the album. We both have great chemistry in the studio and our fans will be able to see the results through this album. I hope all my fans love this special project.”

Stream Los Dioses below.