UPDATED 12/03 12:30 p.m. ET: After Trouble suggested he would be OK with Drake sleeping with his wife, the rapper has clarified his comments a little.

"I'mma address a few things real quick," said Trouble in a video he shared online. "Y'all honestly got it fucked up. Y'all been living through social media, living through these social sites. Y'all ain't in the real world 'cause if you was in the real world, any snack, any female, lady, whatever you wanna call it, I don't never dealt with that, any n***a in the street will tell you you can't even look at my female brazy. ... I ain't Superman or none of that shit but you gotta have nuts to still keep honking or looking at my snack without it being a problem."

He added that he doesn't even have a wife, but he still means it because of the potential profit he could made off a free Drake verse. "I'm talking about a little snack you just be fucking around on or something," he continued. "You don't think I'm finna let her bussdown on Drizzy for a verse? When I'mma make millions off that verse? And if he slide in her DMs anyways, she gon' go? Hell yeah, we finna get them M&Ms."

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Just ask the Migos, a verse from Drake can change an artist's life. While this is true, the question of "how much is it worth" still remains. 

On Monday, Lil Duval posed a problematic question to the timeline: "Would you let drake fuck your wife for a feature?" Though the clear winner was "No can do," nearly 31% of the over 3,000 voters claimed they'd let Drizzy "run thru her." 

The question made its way around the internet before landing on the SayCheeseTV Instagram where Atlanta-native, Trouble, saw the post.

"Why not," he said in the comment section. "They gon fukk em for free anyway if he slide into her DM. Yall soft azz niggaz don’t reply to me eitha. You’ll neva undastand ah street n**ga mental #OnLord."

All in all, it looks like Trouble feels like a few bars from Champagne Papi is a lot more fruitful than a monogamous relationship. Because at the end of the day, Drake's appearance on Trouble's "Bring It Back" did give the rapper a hit single. 


Back in August, Trouble dropped of his project Thug Luv via Def Jam Recordings.