Rich the Kid alleged racial discrimination during his latest airport drama.

On Friday, the 28-year-old rapper took to Instagram Live to broadcast a tense interaction with airport personnel. The video shows Rich arguing with a couple of staffers, who allegedly kicked him off the plane because he smelled like weed. Rich repeatedly denied the accusations, insisting he doesn't even smoke. But, as you the video shows, staffers weren't buying it.

"You on live now. Since you want to racially discriminate me. Guess what? Look!" Rich said during the stream. "She's trying to tell me I smell like marijuana. I don't even smoke marijuana, woman. I don't smoke."

He continued: "The world gonna know. Your son—you have kids? He probably know me. Since you wanna play, you don't know who I am! She's trying to racially discriminate me, tellin' me I don't know what I'm doing, I'm high? I don't even smoke weed ..."

A male employee is heard telling Rich that "race has nothing to do with it." We then see Rich and several others leaving the boarding bridge.

The incident didn't end there. Shortly after Rich was escorted off the plane, the female staff member says Rich was asked to leave the plane after he was seen "falling," suggesting there was suspicion he was under the influence. Rich tells the woman he's "very rich" and the threatens to take legal action.

"I'm a rich guy, so my lawyer will be contacting you," he said. 

The video then cuts off before viewers could see how the incident ended.

This isn't the first time Rich has been removed off a commercial flight. According to TMZ, police escorted the rapper off a Delta plane back in 2017 because he was playing his music too loud and refused to wear headphones. Rich also filmed a portion of that incident.