What better way to help introduce a collaboration with the New York Knicks than to tap New York's other All-Star team.

Kith seemingly did the impossible on Monday when it restored the feeling by tapping Dipset for its latest ad. Although the Diplomats had an undeniable impact on fashion in New York (and around the world), Kith didn't limit them to being mere models like other brands. Instead, it let them do what they do the best—rap. 

For nearly four minutes, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones give the lyrical version of a three-man weave at center court of Madison Square Garden. Keeping in theme, Killa is the first one with the rock. He draws parallels between his life as a standout high school hooper and Kith's new capsule. 

"Pardon me if I get emotional/I'm on the same court where I was on the verge of scoring 30," Cam rapped. "You see that net right there?/That basket did me dirty/'92 championship, buzzer-beater, that rim curved me/NBA? Nah, I'm Above The Rim, I turned right into Birdie/You hear that Nutso?!"

Cam's verse sets the stage for Santana to take the court, following the trajectory of how they each entered the game.

"The Jakes hate us/Warrior, gladiators with dream of keys to be major/The hood turns boys to men at teenager/Neck skating on ice like we Rangers," Juelz raps before Jones takes the floor. 

"Might need a tech because we play foul, that's two shots," Jones spits. "I still pray for 911 like I been in a Porsche/I remember days trying to make the starting five/Now, I don't need keys to make my cars start to drive." He's also got the bars, "But I do know God is good/Because we in Madison Square Garden on this Knicks hardwood/Smelling like my Rolls Royce car would/I'm just here to inspect like COVID, make sure every bar's good."

Watch Dipset's full freestyle for Kith above.