DaBaby might have just gotten his full taste of mainstream fame, but the rapper is already planning his exit. 

During his recent cover story with XXL, the North Carolina native revealed that he's putting his retirement plan together. 

"Five years, I'ma be retired in five years," DaBaby revealed. Although he might be stepping away from the mic, DaBaby still intends on being very active in the music scene. "I won't be rapping in five years," he continued. "I won't be rapping. I'll be creating other superstars."

DaBaby is well on his way to accomplishing this goal. As the founder of his own record label, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, DaBaby has five artists signed to him: KayyKilo, Wisdom, Rich Dunk, DJ K.i.D, as well as the bubbling Stunna 4 Vegas. Although his career is taking flight, DaBaby has made time to help shape and guide their trajectories as well. Because of this ability, he's factored in the success of Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment into his five-year plan. 

"Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, five years, definitely gonna be like one of the hottest labels in the game," the rapper said to XXL

Along with talking about his transition out of the game, DaBaby touched on how he was able to maintain being hot despite a global pandemic. He credits this good fortune to his intense work ethic as well as choosing the right songs like his chart-topping hit with Roddy Ricch, "Rockstar."

"I already knew what it was as soon as I recorded it," he said about "Rockstar" before talking about his sustained success.

"The way that I put shit together leading up until the pandemic definitely put me in the position to, right when the pandemic hit, like, I leveled up completely," DaBaby said. "I'm on a, you know what I'm saying, a whole other wave right now."

Watch DaBaby's full interview with XXL above.