The City Girls' JT has gotten caught in the Twitter twist. 

At this point, it's customary for old tweets from budding superstars to be plastered over the timeline. And for some reason, sleuths sorted through 28-year-old JT's history and found material that listeners perhaps shouldn't be surprised a young JT was tweeting about. 

Although some of her tweets contained colorist remarks, many fans weren't shocked by her teenaged self not understanding the nuances of the issue. There were also distasteful tweets about R. Kelly, racial issues, and other sensitive topics. 

Plenty of people opted instead to laugh at hilarious remarks she made about people in her life, as well as celebrities. 

After being trolled for deciding to be a menace for nearly a decade, JT deleted her verified account. She then created a new account where she told fans to stop reposting her tweets because she doesn't want any beef with the people mentioned.