Saweetie continues to gear up for the release of her debut album by dropping a new video for her single, "Back to the Streets."

"Back to the Streets" features the ever-talented Jhené Aiko. Together, these West Coast queens create an environment where women can regain their autonomy. To help them solidify this theme, Saweetie and Aiko tapped acclaimed music video director Dave Meyers of Kendrick Lamar fame to create the visual.

For this video, Saweetie and Aiko refuse to entertain men who aren't forwarding their careers. This is reflective of Saweetie's rise to stardom as she's had her foot to the floor since she was first introduced to the world. Her hit-making ability and infectious personality have caught the attention of legends like Timbaland who co-produced "Back to the Streets."

"Back to the Streets" follows the success of hit singles, "Tap In," "My Type," and "ICY GRL." It also set the stage for her upcoming album, Pretty Bitch Music, which is set to drop soon.

Watch Saweetie's video for "Back to the Streets" featuring Jhené Aiko above.