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Lil Uzi Vert gave misinformed fans a handy DMT lesson over the weekend. 

A TikTok edit featuring a moment from his 2016 encounter with Nardwuar caught Uzi's attention on Sunday, prompting the prolific provider of 2020 musical catharsis to squash any so-called "27 club" chatter. The moment in question from the Nardwuar interview sees Uzi being gifted with a Marilyn Manson, Slayer, and Bleeding Through show flyer.

"This is my father," Uzi joked in the clip. "The Pale Emperor. Listen here, at age 27, I will leave this earth for this man right here. He's the Pale Emperor." The "Pale Emperor" descriptor, of course, is a reference to Manson's 2015 album of the same name.

The TikTok edit, unfortunately, used the "leave this earth" portion of Uzi's response to receiving the Manson poster to build a mini-theory claiming the 26-year-old Eternal Atake maestro was literally asserting a plan to die at the age of 27.

"I let this go for so long," Uzi noted in a tweet on Sunday. "I never said I was gonna die."

Uzi further explained that his "leave this earth" remark was actually a reference to DMT, which is known for boasting a faster onset and more intense visions than, say, shrooms or LSD.

Notably, Uzi's DMT-inspired explainer came mere days after the release of his and Future's Pluto x Baby Pluto project. One day earlier, Uzi seemingly teased the impending arrival of a second collab project with Future, this one crafted specifically for "the biggest speakers" in one's possession.