Lil Durk isn't letting up on he-who-must-not-be-named. 

Despite his full album getting leaked months in advance, Trippie Redd's Pegasus is still on pace to pull in 70,000 units in its first week. After being made aware of Big 14's feat, Durkio hopped in DJ Akademiks' comment section where he took a shot at 6ix9ine.

"Lil bro doing 70 why rats doing 25-30," Durk wrote. 

Durk's comment a reference to 6ix9ine's TattleTales album going wood. Although he generated a lot of attention on social media, 6ix9ine's return didn't translate to album sales as it pulled in only 29,000 pure sale units. 

Lil Durk and Trippie Redd have personified the phrase "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" when it comes to 6ix9ine as they both have a mutual disdain for the Treyway rapper-turned-informant. Trippie's tension with 6ix9ine pre-dates the rapper's burst into superstardom then fall from grace. In fact, 6ix9ine claimed in the court of law that he was interested in joining the Bloods street gang because Trippie allegedly has ties to a Blood set and he wanted to be able to adequately compete with his rival. 

Things are a little different for Durk. Durk might be one of the Drill movement's founding fathers, but he tried to extend empathy to 6ix9ine. He hopped on Instagram Live with the rapper to talk about the city of Chicago and why he shouldn't demean its residents. Yet, things turned south when 6ix9ine admitted to attempting to orchestrate a hit on Durk's friend and close collaborator, Chief Keef. Also, 6ix9ine's open cooperation with the police didn't sit well with Durk, forcing him to speak out against the Brooklyn native and send shots at him via his feature on Drake's "Laugh Now Cry Later."

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