Bow Wow displayed a fit of irony when he went on the offensive against older rappers he feels have worn out their welcome in the game. 

"Some of these older guys are starting to look like haters," Bow Weezy in a post to his Instagram Story this weekend. "You not pose to understand the music but lets praise these young artist for making a way for themselves. Some of yall old heads have to accept its over and find a new way to continue on your legacy. Doesnt look good on yall resume."

Although Bow Wow is only 33 years old, he's been rapping for over 20 years. This would mean that the comments he's making about "older guys" starting to look like hater could easily be applied to himself as well. However, Bow makes it clear that he's not one of those artists who are stuck in their own era. Instead, he appreciates what's going on and wants all the current rappers to continue being themselves. 

"I'm all for whats going on I love what these young brothaz is doing," Bow Wow's post continued. "Keep it up you guys are now! and the future of this business dont let nobody tell you different!"