Rico Nasty continues to steamroll the game with the release of her latest single, "Don't Like Me," on Thursday. 

The Rap-Rock princess tapped the Ice King himself, Gucci Mane, and the Chainsaw Charlie to Travis Scott's Cactus Jack, Don Toliver, to help her deliver this new track. For "Don't Like Me," Rico and Toliver repeat the chorus from two different perspectives, referencing the Trap God in the hook.

"These bitches don't like me/Your girl wanna come and ride me/Feel like Gucci Mane I'm icy," Rico croons. "Dub in the club, I'm feisty/Got it on camera, it's a recap/When he hit this pussy he relapse." 

After letting Rico and Don go back-to-back, Gucci steps to the plate where he plays clean up. 

"These haters don't like me/Big check on me, no Nike/Big watch on me it's pricy," Gucci spits. "Had you bite my drip, Mike Tyson/Drive an all-red coup it's spicy."

Listen to Rico Nasty's new single, "Don't Like Me," featuring Gucci Mane and Don Toliver above.