Floor Seats II, the latest full-length project from ASAP Ferg, is out now. As anyone who's given the (pretty excellent) project some attention already knows, Ferg's approach to curating features—including the post-release tracklist addition of "Big ASAP" with Monica—is decidedly on another level this time around.

And as he explained in a new social distancing-friendly interview with Big Boy, Ferg looked back to the peak MTV era for inspiration.

"You know what inspired that? Actually, MTV inspired that," Ferg said about five minutes in when Big Boy praised his feature selections. "MTV inspired my features. And also floor seats, being at a basketball game. So let me explain. MTV, because they gave us assorted characters and a different array of artists. We had Backstreet Boys. We had DMX. We had Marilyn Manson, Korn. You might see a Michael Jackson video. You might see Diddy and Total. That's what I loved about MTV. It opened us up to what the suburban kids was doing because, us coming from the hood, we didn't know what they was doing."

Ferg elaborated further, pointing out what he "resonated with" as a young listener when being exposed to this MTV-curated array of artists.

"For Marilyn Manson, I resonated with a lot of the visuals," he said. "For Korn, they was the rock dudes with the dreads that was rapping. For Kid Rock, he was rapping. For DMX, I could understand the Timberland boots and the motorcycles. Like, I seen that coming up. I guess it just opened my mind up to all of these different worlds. The new world. The internet."

Ferg also chopped it up with Big Boy about healthy quarantine habits, his and Manson's mutual fandom, his thoughts on the importance of voting, and much more. Catch the full interview up top.

Floor Seats II—featuring Manson, Dennis Rodman, Tyga, Lil Wayne, and much more—is out now.