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21 Savage has fathered a lot of trends and now he wants what he's owed. 

On Monday, Savage took to Twitter where he threatened to send an invoice to the rappers who have taken his "yessirskiii" slang and played it off as their own.

"I need 50 percent of every song that come out with a yessirskiii hook," he wrote.

Earlier this year, 21 and Lil Uzi Vert turned the ad-lib into a track on the deluxe version of Eternal Atake. Since then several artists—namely Lil Pump and Doe Boy—have cranked out tracks called "Yessirski"/"Yessirskii" that use the word as the hook.

As a result, 21 Savage wants his cut before they gain some serious traction. Also, 21's comments come after Doe Boy hopped in the comments of Lil Pump previewing his version of "Yessirskii" writing "NoSirskiiiii." This gives the impression that the Cleveland rapper is trying to take credit for a concept that 21 created, forcing Savage to speak out.