Here’s an extremely obvious statement: 2020 has been a super fucked year, in a series of increasingly unexpected ways. (Zombie cicadas? Seriously? Go home, 2020.)

Here’s another extremely obvious statement: Toronto’s Sylo is poised to blow up. Only that one we’ve been expecting. For a while now, actually.

Already familiar to Toronto audiences thanks to hits like “FOMO” and “Losing Myself," the Thornhill, Ontario native showed up on Complex’s list of the 20 Canadian Artists to Watch Out For in 2020 back in January, where we told you to expect big things from the up-and-coming R&B artist. Then, he dropped a new single “Ginny” during the pre-lockdown dayswhich has already racked up nearly 2.5 million plays on Spotify.

It was all part of Sylo’s upcoming self-produced project, which had been set to drop this summer, but is now planned for 2021, because, well, go back and read that first paragraph again. In the run up, the Korean-Canadian artist will be priming the pump by releasing a string of singles over the next few months, including his latest, “Citrus”, which dropped today.

Bouncier than his earlier “Ginny”even though it’s about a breakup—the latest release from Sylo is seriously infectious, showcasing more of the rising Toronto artist’s songwriting chops. And the accompanying video, which you can watch above, hits at that irresistible, earworm-y nature.

From director Martin Klapperbein, who also did the video for “Ginny” earlier this year, as well as “FOMO” and “Divine” (and cameos here as a vengeful editor), the video for “Citrus” mirrors the song’s arc: starting off sweet—just a guy (Michael John Mayers) bopping along to the music while getting ready for a datebefore hitting another level, as he goes from losing track of time to a descent into some unexpected meta madness. We’re talking straight-up horror movie vibes with Mayers getting dragged around the room Invisible Man-style and portals to other dimensions.

It all feels like a wild fever dream (much like this entire crazy year). It’s also oddly fitting: because “Citrus” is one of those songs it’s nearly impossible to stop listening, and dancing to, making it the perfect accompaniment for backyard BBQs and late-night patio and park hangseven more so during this unexpectedly weird, bittersweet summer we’ve been having.