Drake has been telling us all summer that he's a pop star, but Fat Joe took this a step further by comparing Drizzy to the King of Pop.

During his Instagram Live show on Friday, Joe welcomed Rick Ross. The two talked about Ross' connection with the 6 God leading Joe to show his admiration for Drake.

"Drake is possibly the hardest person to get in touch with," Joe said to Rozay. "And let’s be clear: Every song he does goes No. 1. He’s just like the Michael Jackson of this time."

Joe goes on to outline how Ross is one of Drake's favorite artists despite Drizzy's global superstardom. Ross explains that the "love is genuine" because he always showed Drake respect even before his fame.

"It's been like that for close to a decade now since he came into the game," Ross said at the interview's 41-minute mark. "Even when I might have been the hottest at the time I never 'Little Homie'd none of the niggas coming up."

The Ross and Drake tag team was on full display during Rozay's Verzuz battle with 2 Chainz. There was a point in the evening when Tity and Ross decided to trade Drake features showing the admiration Drizzy has for both artists. Yet, Ross' catalog is considered one of the best in hip-hop and there were some records that fans wanted him to play during his battle with Chainz that he kept in the tuck. Ross tells Fat Joe that this is because he's putting himself in the position to unload another 20 clip on anyone else that might want to step into the ring. 

"I'm a fan of 2 Chainz," Ross said. "I commend him for even coming because you know like I know there a lot of people wouldn't have sat down next to Rozay like that. And just because of those reasons, that's why I got another 20 pack of anybody that want to do what they want to do."