2 Chainz and Rick Ross went head-to-head for the latest Verzuz battle this week, but the online reaction to the stream has been decidedly muted. With some fans calling their long-awaited battle boring, the Atlanta rapper hopped on an interview with the Breakfast Club to break down why the battle might have seemed a little awkward at first.

"Why was y'all so tense last night, man?" Charlamagne asked Chainz at the 1:58 mark in the video above. "In the beginning, I was getting a little bored, ‘cause you and Ross was acting too cool for school. Y’all ain’t loosen up till the end, why, what happened?

"I think we were probably just trying to feed off of each other trying to see who was gonna go first because there was so much respect in the room," explained 2 Chainz. "I was gonna go first, they ended up going first and then I started realizing that we were just on some celebration shit so I didn't wanna be too lit. I didn't wanna be too wifi just coming out with...you know what I mean? I rehearsed, I practiced and everything. It meant a lot to me, so, my whole thing was about me really letting people know that I want my roses while I can still smell 'em." 

He also referred to how Rozay had a number of DJ Khaled and Jay-Z collaborations geared up, so he didn't want to come out swinging immediately. "I apologize for the lack of...for being so lazy," he said. "From deep down inside I took that very seriously from the jump off."

Later, he briefly addressed Drake calling him and Ross his "idols" in the livestream's chat, adding that he's always been supportive of both of their careers.

Watch the full interview above.