Is there a fourth entry in the Def Jam fighting game series on the horizon? 

On Sunday, Def Jam hinted at a possible new game on Twitter. 

The following day, Def Jam responded to the above tweet by declaring that there would be a "special announcement" once their account reached one million followers on Twitter. They are well over that mark now, so...

Def Jam Vendetta was the label's first foray into the fighting game franchise in 2003. DMX, Ghostface Killah, and Ludacris were among the artists that appeared in the game.

The very next year, Def Jam: Fight for NY dropped with a greatly expanded roster and improved gameplay.

Both installments were well-received, unlike the final entry, Def Jam: Icon, which came out in 2007.  

This isn't the first time Def Jam has used their Twitter account to gauge interest in dropping a new game. In 2018, the label sought feedback on a potential Def Jam: Fight for NY follow-up and Def Jam Vendetta reboot.

Stay tuned.