Speaking ill on the dead never goes over well, especially when the deceased was loved by more than their family and friends. But, like most things, this doesn't matter to 6ix9ine.

On Sunday, 6ix9ine celebrated his first day off house arrest by trotting through his old stomping grounds in Brooklyn. Yet while he was there, the rapper was surrounded by security leading people to wonder if he's truly as untouchable as he claims to be. This moved 6ix9ine to address these comments during an Instagram Live session. 

"A lot of people wanna say, why are you always around a whole bunch of security?" 6ix9ine said. "Why is your favorite rapper dead right now with bullet holes in his face? Fuck is you talking about?"

He also made reference to Pop Smoke's song "Snitching" which was admittedly inspired by 6ix9ine, by claiming that Smoke should "stop dissing him from hell" and that he "should've had security."

In recent years, several popular rappers have been murdered. In the case of XXXTentacion and Nipsey Hussle, their murders were unfortunately caught on film. There's also people like Pop Smoke, whose unexpected demise shook hip-hop. As a result, people started to assume 6ix9ine was disrespectfully referring to their deaths. He then made it more evident that he was referring these dead artists by saying their names while talking to Akademiks later in the Live.

"What's the problem with security?" 6ix9ine asked Akademiks at the above video's 11-minute mark. "Hip-hop does not like security, but hip-hop loves Nipsey Hussle. Hip-hop loves Pop Smoke. Hip-hop loves XXX. ... What I mean by that...if you really love your favorite rapper, love security too, because without security your favorite rapper would've been here today, n***a."

Sometimes it's not what you say, it's how you say it. And he abrasively condemned dead artists' actions, fans took to Twitter to question why 6ix9ine still has a platform. 

In completely different news, on Sunday 6ix9ine’s girlfriend Jade said on Instagram that she’s pregnant.

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