As the dust settles on the monstrosity we've commonly come to refer to as 2020, 50 Cent wonders if Kanye West could face legal repercussions for his widely panned election efforts.

While speaking with Variety ahead of the premiere of next month's Power Book II: Ghost, 50 was asked about his personal approach to politics, prompting him to share some thoughts on West's so-called campaign.

"I make a decision to not be so vocal about [politics]," 50 said. "I try not to get so political that I'm not an entertainer. I'm an entertainer." From there, 50 brought in the myriad issues surrounding West's ballot pushes.

"You see Kanye, the things that he's doing," 50 said. "I wonder if, if Trump is not re-elected, does he go to jail for tampering with the election?" 50 added that West has not only received a coronavirus bailout for his company but has also been shown to have involvement in his own campaign efforts with people known to have Trump connections.

"And one of the weaker points for [Trump] would be the black vote," 50 said. "And to have Kanye come in, somebody is gonna vote for him and it's probably someone who isn't going to vote for Trump. It just creates noise."

Elsewhere in the Variety chat, 50 also shared his belief that he is unable to be canceled and reflected on the "gradual process" of growing Power into a full-blown franchise. See the full discussion here.

As for West's should-be-ignored efforts, he is now suing in Ohio after being determined "unqualified" to appear on the ballot as an independent candidate.