With Black British music dominating the charts (and the underground) the way it is, the industry at large is finally catching up to the fact.

This is in no small part down to the tireless work of trailblazing executives such as Austin Daboh, Riki Bleau, Safiya Lambie-KnightGlyn Aikins, Benny ScarrsAdele WhiteAlex Boateng and Alec Boateng. But there’s now a new wave of executives already building on that important work and keeping major labels, streaming platforms and media companies on their toes. With everything that’s happened recently—the murder of George Floyd being the latest in a litany of injustices—corporations across the board have been forced to take seriously the idea of representation and radically change the way they operate, and we’re already seeing a difference.

Get to know 10 inspirational music industry figures changing the face of British music and culture as a whole in 2020 (and beyond).