Among the heartbreaking pull quotes taken from Kanye West's campaign event in South Carolina over the weekend were his comments on Harriet Tubman, with the "Wash Us in the Blood" artist stating she "never actually freed the slaves." As captured in widely shared video, the audience at Sunday's event seemed to turn on West following the comments, which continued to be the subject of passionate and concerned condemnation from fellow artists on Monday.

T.I. criticized West for slandering and disrespecting Tubman's legacy by using his platform to spread "falsities" about her.

"THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TOO FAR!" T.I., whose previous West collaborations include the ill-received 2018 release "Ye vs. the People," said in an Instagram note on Monday. "I truly hope you either have a logical explanation for all this... or get the medical attention you so desperately need, bro. I say this with love and sincerity."

Other artists who have addressed West's campaign event include Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, with the former thanking "Queen Harriet" on IG while expressing he was praying for West.

Noname also spoke on the importance of protecting Tubman's legacy as a "fearless revolutionary." Yet West, she added without mentioning his name, is allowed to go "unchecked" because he "makes art and shoes."

Raury, meanwhile, defended West in a series of tweets on Sunday:

Slavery isn’t over is his point. The current system puts a cap on how much power black people can have. No matter how much we achieve.

The people u don’t see made sure that all u saw was the Harriet Tubman line.

This is bigger than Kanye wanting to have a seat at the adidas table, WHY DONT NIGGAS OWN ADIDAS YET? WHY DONT NIGGAS OWN THE NBA?! WHY DONT NIGGAS OWN THE ENTIRE RECORD INDUSTRY?!!!

We had Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson. U know they got to a certain glass ceiling where something or someone stopped them from doing EXACTLY what they needed to do to bring EXTREME power into the black community. That’s the only rational reason why it hasn’t happened.

Its because the people u DONT see. Won’t let it happen. On some real mafia shit. I believe they go as far as to put lives in danger, or to set up and ruin the very sameBlack people who get past the glass ceiling and dare to use their power for anything other than misleadn y’all.

We have been conditioned by the hypercapitalist machine to be so short sighted. That y’all literally run with what the shade room gives u when u have the whole internet to really do the research and see what’s going on. Society is sick. And the people u don’t see did that to u.

Us independent Black businesses don’t get the proper shine OR income because we are playing in America aka the white capitalist sand box. It’s like playing a video game at someone else’s house (that they stole from u) and they have the cheat codes written down.

There is a whole infrastructure of decades worth of mailing contacts numbers, government funding, tax cuts, promotional real estate, internet algorithms, white bias and all that which allows a brand/artist/business to blow up in this white capitalist sand box

And it was all built upon OUR BACKS. It’s faster to grasp that alot of this wouldn’t exists without our greatness. WITHOUT THE HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS THERE IS NO NBA . WITHOUT BLACKS THERE IS NO ROCK AND ROLL, NO HIP HOP, NO STREET WEAR. Hell NO STREET LIGHTS WE MADE THAT TOO!

And how the fuck dare y’all come for YE bro he regardless if he wilding he gave us “college dropout” y’all some forgetful ungrateful muhfuckers I refuse to believe THAT Kanye is gone. I don’t agree with everything the man says. Nor do I understand the approach. BUT he is there

Y’all don’t know how twisted and deep this game is and Kanye been at the frontlines for a minute. y’all need to respect this living ancestor while he here and understand he going toe to toe with the devil. And the devil got y’all hoodwinked big time.

And there are somethings past the glass ceiling u living under that you would never understand. And even if he is ur grandpa in the corner talking crazy. Show some fuckkng respect he a elder bruv. He either know something we don’t know or he is nuts but regardless he got gems .

Ok I’m out

On Monday, regional Charleston outlet Post and Courier reported that West had failed to submit "any" of the 10,000 petition signatures required to get on South Carolina's 2020 presidential ballot by the deadline. As Jamie Lovegrove explained, this means that West would now have to be named the presidential nominee for one of the state's certified political parties in order to appear on the ballot.