Quality Control and the hip-hop community is still reeling from the death of Marlo. Although his passing impacted a lot of people, it had a dramatic effect on his close collaborator, Lil Baby.

On Tuesday, Lil Baby took to Instagram where he eulogized his fallen friend. In the caption, Baby tried to put Marlo's death in perspective for those who don't understand their way of life.

"Dam Thug !! You kno what come with this shit that’s why I battle myself with straddling the fence," he began. "It’s like don’t to much good come out this street shit few niggas get away but you don’t hear about them that often !! Streets a stepping stool to the next level !!"

Despite being familiar with death, Lil Baby can't help but to be hurt by Marlo's murder. 

"I say that to say I’m fucced up bout Yung ru but at the same time I’m so familiar with this shit I find myself numb!! Ain cried in like 8 yrs !! I thought I couldn’t no more ... this one hit me hard," he continued. "Marlo was a gangster an sometimes death comes with that I want all the people who look up to me or even admire what I’m doing to understand an kno what come with this “gangster shit “ if that’s how you living ... shit hurts bad."

Marlo and Lil Baby had a close relationship outside of being QC labelmates. Together, they crafted the joint mixtape 2 The Hard Way in 2017. Marlo is also affiliated with Lil Baby's 4PF collective and receive a shoutout on Baby's cult-classic record, "Freestyle."