In an extensive interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, Action Bronson has opened up about his dramatic weight loss. Aside from his work as a rapper, Bronson is notably a chef and hosts his show Fuck That's Delicious, and despite his indulgence in decadent food, he revealed to Lowe that he's managed to lose 80 pounds recently.

"On paper, I'm really fucking healthy. Which is good," Action told Lowe in the interview. "It could have been tragic. You never know. That shit could be devastating. You know you're fat as fuck, but it doesn't feel like it's devastating. But I was hurting other people. I was hurting my family. Anything could happen at that time. At that point, you're taking it out of your hands."

Bronson said that prior to the coronavirus lockdown, the mother of his child was set to go to Colombia. Just before that happened, she bought a scale because their dog was somewhat overweight. "So we had to make sure that the fucking dog was a good weight to go there. We had to make him lose weight a little bit," he added. "So I got on the fucking scale that she brought home and then was just devastated, and my heart sunk. From that day forward, man, I haven't gotten off track. I've lost 80 pounds." 

Action thanked cardio, rather than huge diet changes, for his weight loss. "I was compounding all kinds of crazy foods, desserts, sodas. Nobody should do that," he continued. "Nobody should do that. Especially when you're on the spectrum, so to say, of being extremely, very fat. And dying."

He went on to refer to his experiences filming Fuck That's Delicious, and said he wouldn't often worry about what he's eating while working on the show. "I need to just have discipline in my own life," he said.

During the chat, Bronson also spoke about the late Mac Miller. "I mean, we were just fans of each other," he explained. "He came over to the house and we ended up doing that song on his album called 'Red Dot Music' and we were up all night just doing it. We were in the studio. It was just like your little brother was there. Always cheering you on and fucking smiley and just happy in general, just happy to be doing what he's doing. Smoking a lot of weed, making sure that all his boys were good. He was a good kid, man. He's a good kid."

Watch the full interview with Bronson above. Below, catch his Tuesday night appearance on Seth Meyers, where he says the first place he's going post-quarantine is Don Peppe’s in Queens. “That’s when I get to my goal, 30 more pounds to go and then I’m gonna allow myself to have some fun,” he said.

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