Jay-Z and Beyoncé are being sued by one of the focal pieces of their 2018 track "Black Effect."

According to TMZ, Jay and Bey tapped Dr. L'Antoinette Stines to provide commentary on the idea of love as a prelude to the song "Black Effect" from their joint album as the Carters, Everything Is Love. Stines claims her voice appeared on the album without her consent and that she didn't receive any compensation for being part of the project.

Stines is a renowned Jamaican dancer, choreographer, author, and creator. She created the L'Antech contemporary dance synthesis as well as opening the first primarily black dance company in Miami. It was Stines' understanding of dance and culture that caught the Carters' attention. Per the lawsuit, Jay and Bey wanted Stines to provide some of her students for their upcoming tour. After doing so, they asked the doctor her opinion on love. They claimed that the answer would be used in a video for "for promotional purposes" only. To her surprise, it ended up on the album where it can generate money due to streams and purchases. She also says they used her voice to make profits from their ensuing On the Run II Tour. 

Unfortunately, Stines signed a contract that allowed her voice to be used how the Carters see fit. But she explains that the agreement was forced on her the day of the shoot and under false pretenses. As a result, she feels that she shouldn't be bound to the contract. Additionally, the fact that she is uncredited on the album left her feeling "artistically raped."

Stines' voice makes up the first minute of the nearly five-minute song. Her lawyers allege that she's owed nearly 20 percent of the track's revenue. The artist is now suing Jigga and Yoncé for writing credit, copyright infringement, violation of her publicity, and damages in excess of $75,000. 

Complex has reached out to representatives for both the Carters and Dr. Stines.