The exhaustingly long history of art-averse political figures missing the point of musical expression entirely continues in 2020 with the Trump campaign's use of the Panic! at the Disco hit "High Hopes."

In case you missed it, and hopefully you did, the Trump team used the 2018 Pray for the Wicked single at a recent gathering of dumbfucks in Phoenix:

On Tuesday night, Urie issued a swift response to this act of nonsense, complete with a hearty "fuck you" and an urge to fans to ensure they're all set to vote against the sustained dumpster fire later this year.

"Stop playing my song … Donald Trump represents nothing we stand for," Urie said. "The highest hope we have is voting this monster out in November."

As anyone who's even vaguely familiar with the Panic catalog already knows, Urie has been critical of Trumpism and related fuckeries for years. In a 2018 interview with NME, for example, he expressed his desire that the "toxic orange" POTUS had instead chosen to maintain his life as a celebrity of "menial" stature.

And unlike Trump, Urie is actually capable of filling arenas.