Lil Wayne's Young Money Radio is, objectively, dope. 

After only three episodes, the Young Money head honcho has been able to string together an amazing series of guests for his newly established Beats 1 radio show, having star-studded appearances from Drake, Eminem, and DJ Khaled, to even sports stars like Kevin Durant, Shaquille O'Neal, and Stephen A. Smith. 

During episode 3, Wayne was joined by hip-hop legend Eminem to discuss their historic rap careers, how Em has been holding up during quarantine, and how they'd both have to occasionally Google their own lyrics to make sure they actually said them because their catalogs are that dense.

"If you go through my phone history, my Google history and you press L, first thing that will come up is 'Lil Wayne lyrics," Wayne said about looking up his lyrics to make sure he doesn't repeat them. "I literally have to Google my lyrics to make sure I didn’t say certain stuff before."

"Yo, I swear to God I do that too," Em agreed. "That’s funny as hell because I’ve been doing that for like the past five years, man. You be like, 'I knew I flipped this.'"

Episode 4 of Lil Wayne's Young Money radio looks to keep the shows hot streak going. This time he opens the show with a DJ set from DJ T. Lewis, his official DJ.

You can stream episode 4 of Lil Wayne's Young Money Radio here. Wayne is joined by Fat Joe, Lil Durk, Jamie Foxx, and Henry Cejudo.

Wayne paid tribute to passings of music executive Andre Harrell and soul and R&B singer Betty Wright.

“Besides her being legendary from her time and a superstar, she taught so many people how to sing,” Fat Joe says. “When you went to her house, it was like music school. She was just teaching everybody how to sing and all the up-and-coming new artists would go over there and learn how to sing. I’m always a person who loves people who give back. That’s my thing.”

You can also watch some highlights from episode 3 down below.