The prodigal rapper 6ix9ine has returned, and many people have something to say about it, including his ex-girlfriend Sara Molina. Molina took to her Instagram story to share what appears to be some subliminal shots at her former partner's return to the interwebs following the release of his new song "Gooba" and Instagram Live appearance on Friday afternoon.

"Nothing bothers that person more than being ignored, they seek attention," Molina wrote on her story. "Good or bad attention it don't matter, so guess what imma do....God bless everyone."

She would continue in the next story saying: "People smart enough can see I'm not the reason he snitched, take me out of this.... he still would've snitched, boy not built like that. Sad, imma pray for him he's a marked man and is empty. God bless everyone. I leave it to god and let him handle it." She then reshared pictures from fan accounts of her and 6ix9ine's daughter Saraiyah.

This is assumably referencing 6ix9ine's comment during his Instagram Live that if some form of "street code" exists, that it should be applied both ways. 

"If there is a street code, right, if there is a street code and there’s something so-called as loyalty and everything, and no snitching and all of that, I get it, right? But where was the loyalty when you was sleeping with my baby mother," he said. "Where was the loyalty when you was caught on the wire tap tryna kill me? Where was the loyalty when you tried to kidnap my mother? Where was the loyalty when you stole millions of dollars from me? Where was that? So who broke it first?”

Molina also mentioned how she has custody of their child on her Instagram story. "Fuck all that other shit, you can have all the watches, money and cars because what I have, THIS RIGHT HERE! makes me richer than you STOOPID."

Molina has also reportedly said that 6ix9ine contacted her mother so that his mother could meet their daughter Saraiyah at a neutral location before he was released from prison, but they haven't been in contact with her since he's been home. The relationship between the two still appears to be damaged, with Molina also saying that 6ix9ine’s mother can come to see Saraiyah, but he can't.