Lil Uzi Vert is back with his newest track, "Sasuke." This song is the first new music we've heard from Uzi since he dropped the deluxe version of his last album Eternal Atake.

He took to Twitter earlier today to surprise fans about the release of the new song. The name of the song is based off the anime antagonist Sasuke from the popular Japanese series Naruto. This isn't that surprising considering how much of an anime fan Uzi is. He even has several of his foreign vehicles wrapped in anime-inspired customizations. 

New Uzi music is promising, especially considering the confusing, troll-esque nature of tweets he's been sending back and forth with Playboi Carti lately. The two have had a long and complicated relationship dating back to 2017, but most recently they have been subliminally referencing each other on Twitter and even tweeting the same things at points. This all looks like they're either being petty or, more than likely, gearing up to drop some sort of joint music together. Last month Uzi tweeted "Soon as HE drop imma drop again" assumably referencing Carti.

Well, Carti just dropped his latest single "@ MEH," and after another odd back and forth between he and Uzi over Twitter, this might be the response track Uzi was talking about.

Regardless of whether this is the response to Carti we're waiting for, you can stream Lil Uzi Vert's latest song "Sasuke" on all platforms below and Apple Music here.