Created by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, the Instagram Live Versuz series has provided us with some quality quarantine entertainment, orchestrating battles between T-Pain and Lil Jon, as well as Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch. It has also stirred up debates over who else we would like to see take on one another.

Last week, 2 Chainz surveyed the rap landscape and decided to get involved, issuing a challenge to Meek MillFabolous, and French Montana about going head-to-head on Instagram Live. 

While Meek ended up passing on 2 Chainz's challenge, Fabolous expressed his confusion over Tity Boi even being allowed to choose his opponent in an interview on The Breakfast Club Monday. "I didn't like the 2 Chainz shit 'cause I feel like he was picking his battle a little bit, like, you can't pick your fights out," Fab said at the 17:30 mark in the above video. 

When Angela Yee brought up the prospect of having one person accepting another's challenge, Fabolous leaned against the idea, asking why would 2 Chainz be able to exclude himself from certain rappers and be opposed to battling someone in his own trap genre, such as Jeezy or Future, saying, "I don't like the 'pick the fight' kinda thing." 

"You pick who you might have even looked at their catalog, and measured yourself up with theirs," he added. "Then he was excluding people, like, 'Yeah, I wouldn't go against Lil Wayne.' Chainz is my guy, too. Me and Chainz hang out, we talk. I go to Atlanta, I go to Chainz's restaurant. Chainz came to my dinner. Chainz is my guy." 

When Charlamagne suggested that a battle was brewing between him and 2 Chainz, Fabolous reversed course, and seemed to be excluding certain opponents from facing him after he criticized Chainz for doing that same thing. "I don't even think that's my battle," he explained.   

"I think it needs to be an even playing field," Fabolous clarified. "You can't just throw JAY-Z vs. Bow Wow...I think his music is in a different direction than my music." But if he and Chainz were to battle, Fab said that he would unsurprisingly bet on himself because his catalog is "wider." 

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