With the coronavirus pandemic putting all concerts in North America on hold, DaBaby has estimated he'll lose out on a lot of potential revenue from shows. In an interview on Big Boy's Quarantine Couch series, DaBaby said the lack of touring means he could be missing out on up to $7 million.

"If it goes to July...I've already missed millions for sure," he said at the 12:00 point of the interview. "I'll pull the calendar up right now and show you. I would've been on tour right now, and after that I would've did an overseas tour. So if we go to July, oh my god... I'ma hold up how many millions I think." Speaking to someone off camera, DaBaby held up five fingers as someone else estimated $7 million. "No bullshit. Tour alone, y'know."

When Young Thug stopped by for an interview with Big Boy earlier this month, he said he would also miss out on millions of dollars in show money due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thugger added that he wouldn't let the loss get in the way of him helping out his loved ones, however.

"Like I got my mom and daddy, these old folks, goddamn," the So Much Fuartist explained. "I'm like 'Y'all stay in the house,' they like yeah, they get tired of the house they in every week, they want a penthouse, go to the hotel. However much money I lose on the show, that's probably the same amount of money I lose spending my money."

Watch the full interview with DaBaby above.