Waka Flocka made it seem like he's never heard any of his DuFlocka Rant mixtapes or his Salute Me or Shoot Me series because he shocked the internet when he said he was a "wack rapper." Yet during a conversation with Rap-Up TV, Flocka reveals that this was merely a form of trolling to get people to actually admit he's an influential artist.

"It was more reverse psychology," Flocka said at the clip's 2:43 minute mark. "It was more so of this generation and the people that got power and feel that way—You know I be seeing make these little lists that say 'Influential people of the decade.' And I be sitting here like, 'Yo, hip-hop never sounded like this before me. Who's more influential than that? Okay, cool I'mma wack rapper I guess.' Let me say I'mma wack just so y'all can actually hear people say 'No this guy's actually the GOAT—one of the GOATs—I'm not saying I'm the GOAT. I actually be sitting next to them by default."

In his recent appearance on Everyday Struggle, Waka Flocka claimed that he started rapping to be rich. In the midst of explaining this, Waka ended up calling himself a "wack rapper."

"At that point in my life I was being real on my dead brother," Waka said at the 26:50 mark of the episode. "Why was I rapping? I'm rich, I wanted to be rich. So from that time to right now, I wanted to figure out how can I become a billionaire and a multi-millionaire off of business. Because I did it with rap. I was a wack rapper, like I knew I was wack but I was real. My realness overcame my wackness." 

Flocka went on to say that his artistry pales in comparison to legends like DMX, Goodie Mob, and KRS-One. "I'm a wack rapper but a hell of an entertainer," he said. 

Waka Flocka calling himself wack sparked heated debates on the internet. When Waka first caught the mainstream's attention, nothing sounded or felt like the headbanging bass-heavy music he was creating. His impact can be felt through the Chicago drill movement—which changed the face of hip-hop—and new trap sounds. Waka seemingly dismissing his impact resulted in a lot of fans and artists professing their love for him.