Inaccuracies and misinformation about coronavirus have been rampant since the outbreak, and now Summer Walker is being accused of taking part.

The singer was criticized for posting a misleading video about the virus on Instagram, which actually ended up being two years old. The now-deleted fake video purportedly showed people in China “spreading” the disease, alongside Walker's caption, “That's some trifling nasty ass shit.”

After being called out for the xenophobic content. Walker deleted everything on her Instagram profile.

She then took to her Instagram Story to respond to the backlash, writing, “Lol people so dumb, talking about I'm racist and that video was from a long time ago. It don't matter if it was from 20 years ago, bottom line that shit nasty & IDGAF if a black white yellow or green person did that shit, it's still nasty.” She added, “Lmao I literally don't give a fuck anymore this is app. It's not that serious. For my label Ima just delete all this shit.”