After five months of teasers and singles, Lauv has finally released his debut studio album How I’m Feeling.

The project was announced in early October, when the singer-songwriter shared its official cover art as well as his intentions for the album. The art featured Lauv sitting cross-legged while surrounded by six mini clones, all which reflected different sides of his personality.

“While my last project was focused on one aspect of my life, How I'm Feeling is the first time I’m embracing all the parts that make me who I am,” he told Billboard last year.

The album delivers 21 tracks, including the previously released singles “Sad Forever," "Feelings," "Modern Loneliness," and "I'm so Tired" with Troye Sivan. How I’m Feeling also boasts guest appearances by BTS, Alessia Cara, Sofia Reyes, LANY, and more.

“I cant believe this day has come. ~how im feeling~ began from a dark time in my life when I was depressed and having a bit of an existential crisis," Lauv said in a statement. “I wasn’t sure if I would ever actually be able to make an album. But it marks my journey from my rock bottom at the beginning of 2019 to a stable place of happiness, full self-expression and self-acceptance. This album is everything to me and I hope the world loves it as much as I loved making it.”

How I’m Feeling is available now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Lauv kicks off the album’s supporting world tour on March 21 in Monterey, Mexico. Check out the full schedule below.